Forum Social des Peuples en 2014!

Message des organisateurs du Forum Social des Peuples qui aura lieu en 2014 ! Nous soutenons cette initiative et vous invitons à l’appuyer aussi ! Un autre monde est possible et nécessaire!
(Le français suivra bientôt)

Dear Friends
We are delighted to confirm that the second General Assembly of the Peoples Social Forum will be held next July 2nd and 3rd in Edmonton, Alberta.
The venue will be the Telus Centre at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. The purpose of this upcoming GA is to decide on the location, date and themes of the Peoples Social Forum scheduled for the summer of 2014.
We have chosen Edmonton as important events are planned this year in Fort McMurray, just north of the Albertan capital. On July 5th and 6th many hundreds of people will come together from coast to coast to join First Nations and Metis in the Healing Walk, a gathering focused on healing the environment and people suffering from tar sands expansion.
We are holding our General Assembly in Edmonton as a gesture of solidarity and support to all those fighting tar sands expansion.  Many of the participants in our General Assembly will make their way to Fort McMurray and join our First Nations and Metis brothers and sisters in this year’s Healing Walk.
In the nest few days and weeks preparatory documents for the upcoming General Assembly will be communicated to all participants. We recommend that they be discussed in the caucuses and regional expansion commissions.
In solidarity
Roger Rashi
For the Interim Steering Committee of the Peoples Social Forum


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