International announcement of the nomination of Quebec to hold the next World Social Forum and International Conversation WSF 2015 during the Iraqi Social Forum

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During the last WSF held in Tunis, many Quebecers heard from different people about their enthusiasm for the idea of holding the next World Social Forum in our province.

Therefore, an open group created by a dozen people involved in various activist, community, cultural, and academic networks (many of whom were in Tunisia during the last WSF), launched a joint effort to support the nomination of Quebec.

A consultative assembly was held on May 5, 2013 in a public square known as « Place Émilie-Gamelin » (minutes in French: The aim of this gathering was to broaden the discussion on the relevance and feasibility of a World Social Forum in Quebec in 2015. The palpable excitement around the idea has encouraged us to prepare the application, which we will submit to the International Council two weeks before its next meeting. We hope to enlist the broad engagement of civil society and the general public of Quebec in this joint project.

This application seeks to reiterate the need for the convergence of local and global civil society against the excesses of increasingly harmful neoliberalism and neoconservatism in the North as well as the South. It notes the relevance of holding a World Social Forum in the North, as it would have a major impact on local social movements, raising greater global awareness about the need for a fundamental change at the core of the economic system. It acknowledges the important input of many people involved in the recent social movements, many of us having been active during the Quebec Spring, or in Occupy, Indignados, and Idle No More. This is why public spaces and cost reduction are key to our approach. This candidacy also reaffirms the creativity and resilience of the people of Quebec and our collective hope for necessary change.

We are inspired by the desire to multiply open spaces that promote horizontality, transparency, and openness, perceiving them as leverage in the fight for respect for people and the environment. We think it is necessary to take a proactive approach to allow and encourage broad participation, particularly of marginalized populations and First Nations. We are aware of the various challenges that surround the organization of a World Social Forum, as it would mobilize tens of thousands of people from North America and beyond and require considerable resources and local support. We know that Canada’s accessibility will be an important issue if a WSF is held in Quebec, and that is why we consider the expansion of the Forum a major aspect to explore from the outset (the experience gained from InterOccupy, Global Square, 15M, etc. will be invaluable in this sense).

We are open to collaboration with other regions that wish to host the WSF in 2015, hoping to broaden the possibility of participation, and wishing to avoid any competitiveness contrary to the values of respect for plurality that we all wish to promote.  We would be exited to welcome a polycentric Forum in 2015, in which different regions of the world could bolster the WSF process and work toward better communication and knowledge sharing. We are looking forward to talking with those who are preparing to nominate their countries (India and maybe others) for the next WSF and all who are already thinking about WSF 2015.

That is why, responding to the call for international participation of the Iraqi Social Forum, we would like to propose an extended activity as a space in which people from all around the world can share their thoughts, questions, information, and ideas about the next WSF. This could also be an occasion for people involved in different grassroots initiatives such as InterOccupy, Global Square, 15M, etc, to express their point of view about the potential of the WSF for their peaceful struggles, and eventually, their interest in collaborating in the development tools that could facilitate and amplify the links throughout the WSF Process and the actual mobilizations.

This international conversation will occur on Saturday September 28th, at 14:00GMT (7am Vancouver, 9am Mexico, DF, 10am New York/Montreal, 14:00 London/Paris/Tunis, 19:30 New Dehli, 12am Sydney), open source voice communication software “Mumble” (Full step by step instructions following the link below, we will be in room Open Space)

Facebook event :

A facilitation group for the Initiative Vers un Forum Social Mondial au Québec 2015 was created after the 1st consultative Assembly held on May 5, 2013. You can contact us at:

Additional information can be found in this Blog (in French for now…):

And please sign your name ( or send us a letter from your organization if you wish to support the nomination of Quebec to host the next WSF!

Hoping to hear from you soon, and wishing you all the best in your projects!

Solidarity and creativity!
Initiative Vers un Forum Social Mondial au Québec en 2015



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